Tim White-Sobieski

Tim White-Sobieski creates photographic projects and video installations. His photography, video, and light installations have been exhibited in galleries in Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, and many other cities. In the past 15 years, over 30 international museums have acquired or exhibited his work. White-Sobieski was selected as an artist for the collection of Bernard Arnault in Louis Vuitton headquarters in Paris (project recently documented in book format). In 2006, the Louis Vuitton Company invited Tim White-Sobieski to participate in an exhibition entitled, “Icon,” an interpretation of the iconic logo-bags. Other artists included Zaha Hadid, Ugo Rondinone, Sylvie Fleury, Shigeru Ban, and Andrée Putman. Tim White-Sobieski continues to create site specific installations utilizing video, photography, and sculpture.


Route 17N

Tim White-Sobieski’s ongoing body of work, Route 17N, captures an ambiguous age. The images reflect the surreal aspects of growth and entering the adult world, with the associated perceptions and consequences. The artist explores a visual sense of reality and non-reality through staged activity with symbolic representations for fear, play, contemplation, and isolation that bring him closer than ever to cinematography. A heightened sense of light and dark captures the context of time and movement.


“Deconstructed Reality”


The series represents an artistic statement that the universe is not only unpredictable in its development, but also that reality, as one perceives it, can be broken down in its elementary components to be reassembled to reveal new meanings. Using as a starting point photographs taken throughout European cities, White-Sobieski skillfully re-arranges the fragments of this intimate reality into an intellectual construct independent from the space and time constraints which can become a matrix to govern the future narrative of daily life.

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