Petro Hrycyk

Petro Hrycyk’s photographs distill his reminiscence from early life – fleeting images of childhood: trees, birds, or mountains. The artist’s contact with reality is focused purely on a microscopic level, built by a fragile accumulation of fragments as they can be seen through the eyes of the child. The chosen objects serve as clues that decipher an unknown microcosm governed by a different system of rules.

Images of loved people are built from details such as their hands, relevant objects, or shadows. Hryck believed that our world is charted by partial sequences of memories that are not easily discerned by our waking consciousness, and for that reason he uses groups of familiar images, which have an immediate and easily recognizable identity. At the same time, the familiarity he captures reflects poetic and metaphorical clues. His still-lifes are far from the comfortable “stillness” that one may expect from this particular genre as the inherently calm component to his work is in fact somewhat disturbing because of the haunting past that lies beneath. It stirs the memories of a universe that no longer exists, but is alive in the realm of art. Hrycyk uses a variety of dark tones and densities throughout his photography as a means of communicating the fragmented conscious that is our reality. It is through his technique that Petro Hrycyk manages to relay not only documentation through his photographs, but an unspoken lyrical component as well.

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Petro comments on his art: “My photography is permanently striving for self-affirmation, for the acquirement of spiritual freedom, a combination of cognitive objective experience and subjective psychological associative experience. Sometimes the relationship I have to the subject is more important than the subject itself.”

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