Nobuho Nagasawa

Nobuho Nagasawa is a transdisciplinary artist; her large-scale, site-specific and community responsive projects question and explore the psychological dimensions of spaces and people, as well as politics, ecology and underlying historic tensions of the space which are then converted into different media. Besides the immersive, time-anchored installations, she has been using photography and video to document the projects, as the medium reveals different aspects of her work.


The sculptural installations and architectural interventions are tactile and sensory, often based on the transfiguration of the natural elements of air, water, earth and fire, and intended as a poetic response to the architectural presence, social and cultural history, collective memory and political consciousness of their sites. Recent works are shaped by the interest in the intersection of art, science, technology, sound, and synesthesia, a neuro-biological condition where the experiences of the five senses are combined. The immersive aspect of Nagasawa’s projects is conveyed in the photographs, which often offer vantage points that may be otherwise missed


Nobuho Nagasawa was raised in Europe and Japan, and received her Master’s degree at Hochschule der Künste in Berlin. She came to the United States in 1986 by invitation of the California Institute of the Arts; since 2001 she is based in New York City.


Nagasawa has completed over forty large scale commissions (City Halls, government plazas, schools, libraries, parks and transportation) which received numerous awards, among which three “Excellence in Design Award” (Los Angeles, 1996, New York, 2006 and 2016). In 2019, Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park where she created a sculptural environment entitled “Luminescence” has been named the Best Urban Landscape Masterworks Award from the Municipal Arts Society. Her work has also been reviewed in Art in America, Art Asia Pacific, Sculpture, The Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, and The New York Times by Holland Cotter.

Photographs © 2020 Nobuho Nagasawa

Installation view. Explorations in Process. WESTWOOD GALLERY NYC, 2019

Will Insley, Nobuho Nagasawa, Alan Steele, Roger Welch

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