Alain Bourgeois

Born to sculptor Louise Bourgeois and art historian Robert Goldwater, Alain Bourgeois has been a lifelong photographer in addition to his professional career in the New York City justice system. His focus has always been to document the processes and effects of aging on urban architecture and rural structures in diverse areas of the world. Many of his images reflect a simpler time and slower pace, as seen in the cabins, ghost towns and natural vistas of the Western U.S. region or historical buildings in Europe and Cuba.


Shooting in both color and black and white, the photographer approaches each subject and scene with quiet and contemplative regard, allowing empathic insight to guide and challenge him. His monochrome images are purposeful, with their starkness serving to remove the ease of color in concentration on the elements of light, texture and proportion. Alain Bourgeois quotes, “As the structures of our past inexorably crumble, we are not limited to a choice between preservation and disregard. Simple appreciation is an option. The gentling effects of senescence have a dignity and an attraction all their own.”

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